Sembradora MC 4.0

Fine grain seeder (Wheat, rice, soy, barley, rapeseed, Gramineae and leguminous plants)


  • 4.20 m - 23 furrows at 17.5 cm.
  • 4.60 m - 23 furrows at 20 cm.
  • 6.20 m - 35 furrows at 17.5 cm.
  • 7.00 m - 35 furrows at 20 cm. or 39 Furrows at 17.5 cm.

  • Hoppers capacity of 4.00 m3
  • It adapts easily to lands with abundant stubble.
  • It can be used on corn stubble, with high humidity both in the soil and in the environment.
  • The hydraulic arms fold on the main body to facilitate the change and transportation of the equipment to other plots of land.
  • 3 independent bodies allow an easy adaptation to the land’s irregularities.
  • Width of the machine folded: 3.40 m.


Distribution with grooved rollers. The seeds and the fertilizer are pushed by currents of hot air (radiator in the turbine’s air inlet). This avoid blockage caused by the excess of humidity.


The commands are actioned through the hydraulic equipment. It includes a multiplier applied to the tractor’s power take-off, with pump and oil cooler with a 30 liters deposit. MP 3.20 Mercosur.
It has a CYCLONE system for FINE GRAIN seeding and fertilizer. It can be OPTIONALLY adapted to incorporate the seed distribution systems with MECHANICAL or PNEUMATIC dosing.


Deformable parallelogram for vertical control of depth. It covers a distance of 500 mm with constant pressure. Cutting blade Turbo 17", wavy optionally, double seeding disk of 15", sealing wheel to cover the seeds. For more information see ACCESSORIES/BODY G25.